Thursday, January 7, 2010

Updated: Leno and Conan

This New York Times blog states that Leno would return to late night with a half hour version of his show, essentially moving Conan back a half hour, but leaving him with the hour long Tonight Show. I'd rather Leno disappear completely, but if this is the case, at least The Tonight Show will remain intact. Though it does mean that I'll have to stay up a good half hour later in order to watch it, which is an annoyance, considering I'm in school and all.

I just thought I would provide the update to keep my entries relevant to the current developments. But, here's a link to one of my favourite Conan O'Brien moments ever, 1864 baseball!


  1. I'd be very surprised if Conan sticks around for this humiliation. Tonight, his agent will call ABC, and that will be that. I predict that in five months, it'll be Dave vs. Jay vs. Conan at 10:30.

    Letterman fled NBC for CBS years ago, and his move has never looked smarter than now. Conan admires Dave and he'll do the same.

  2. Yeah, that does sound about right. NBC is much too hung up over Jay. My only worry is how the lowered ratings of The Tonight Show will affect his popularity among the other networks. Even so, it'd be a huge grab for any network to have a former Tonight Show host.