Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lost Discussion

Note, as always, this entry contains spoilers for last night's episode. If you haven't watched it and intend on watching it, wait on reading this!

Since the beginning, one of the major themes of Lost has been light versus dark. During this season, that theme has shown up in a much more literal way: Jacob versus the mysterious Man in Black, who is currently taking the form of Locke. We learned last night that there are six characters "vying" for the role of protector of the island-Jacob's role before he was killed by Ben. They are:

4. Locke (deceased)
8. Hurley
15. Sawyer
16. Sayid
23. Jack
42. Either Sun or Jin

Notice the numbers? We may have gotten as much explanation of the significance of the numbers as we'll get. I'm hoping to learn more, but am not expecting it.

Sawyer is currently with the Man in Black-in what capacity, we don't yet know. But the blonde boy warned the Man in Black is not to kill any of them. Will Sawyer be talked into murdering the other "possibilities"? That would be an interesting turn of events. Since the beginning, people have theorized that the Losties would end up splitting, and a "war" would be declared between the two groups. There have been times when there has threatened to be a split among them, but they've always managed to get along, despite differences in opinion. Is this going to create the "war" fans always speculated about? Sawyer and the Man in Black versus the rest of the Losties and the Temple people? Maybe. I'm interested in where Sawyer is going as a character. He's developed so much since season one, where he was the lovable, cantankerous jerk. Last season he was a leader, and a family man. But since the bomb went off and he lost Juliet, he's undergone another shift. He's reverted to something closer to what he was in season one, but...darker.

I have a feeling Jack may take on the role of the next Jacob. People have been wanting a Jack/Sawyer showdown for awhile. I think that would be a little cliche though. I don't know who I'm rooting for, but I think it'd be kind of nice if one of the characters that's not as spotlighted got it. Like Hurley. I was originally going to say Sun or Jin-I've always had soft spots for them, but I'd really just like to see them find each other again, and go off into the sunset together. Or maybe it is meant to be Sawyer, and he's going to have to come back to the light side?

I'm glad Kate isn't on that list. She has always really annoyed me. Was she even in the episode last night? I can't remember her making an appearance, which doesn't bother me one bit.

I'm not sure how I feel about the flash-sideways' yet. I always get really confused, and assume that that would have been their lives had the plane not crashed. I was reminded yesterday that what they're showing is in an alternate universe. I guess I am having difficulty getting my head wrapped around it. I liked the one last night because I always thought Helen and Locke made a great couple. Hurley, Ben and Rose made appearances as well, which goes to show that the Losties are still connected, even in this alternate universe. Ben showed up as a schoolteacher! Now imagine him teaching CreComm. Go on, take a moment and do it. I'll wait.


Amusing, eh?

Another point of interest was seeing Richard in the jungle. I'm curious to know why he's so scared of the Man in Black. Also curious about Richard's history. I kind of think that he was probably some sort of slave on the Black Rock, escaped and became immortal by bathing in the fountain. Was he involved in Jacob's "rise to power" and the Man in Black's oppression? I am starting to think so. Did we ever get the Richard-centric episode we were promised? I can't quite remember, which means I'll need to revisit last season again.


  1. We haven't gotten a Richard episode yet, but im pretty sure ones on the way. Great write up!

  2. Thanks! I think the Richard episode is among my most anticipated, and has been for years now.

  3. It was a great episode. I love episode centered around Locke because he is my favourite character in the show.

    The man in black is just as manipulating as Jacob is and he is really working Sawyer right now.

    Sidebar; the blond kid has got to be Jacob reborn.

    I've ben trying to develop a theory for how the series is going to end since it started and right now my main thought is leading me towards this.

    Jacob and the man in black are playing the most epic chess game ever and they're recruiting people for their team.

    Probably not the right answer, but it's all I can think of right now.

  4. I thought the kid was a reborn Jacob as well. Looked just like him. I've always wondered why Aaron was so special, and maybe he has something to do with this Jacob business? He's also a blonde, so I started thinking of Aaron and about his body possibly being a vessel for Jacob should anything ever happen to him.

    And I agree with your theory: since the season finale I've been thinking something similar.

  5. I didn't think about the Aaron connection, but that's a great point. What the hell is so damn special about that kid? And now that Claire was just reintroduced on the island there has got to be something mega important with those two that is going to be revealed shortly.

    Jack's dad also has to be making an appearance very soon too. He has played a major background role for quite some time now and hasn't made an impact this season.

  6. I'd like to know why Aaron was so special. I suppose my theory is that he's somehow connected to Jacob and/or the Man in Black. Maybe Walt too? Walt did have those creepy powers.

    I figure Jack's Dad must also be connected to this Jacob/Man in Black business as well. Maybe before he took on Locke's appearance, he used Jack's Dad?

  7. I think Aaron is so special because he was born on the island. There has to be a connection there.

    As for Walt, the last time we saw him was in Season 5 when Locke was trying to get everyone to come back to the island. He and Michael have to be making an appearance soon.

    Gaaah so many unanswered questions!!

  8. Yeah, Aaron being born on the island must have some sort of special significance. Especially since the psychic sent Claire on the plane knowing it'd crash onto the island.

    Michael and Walt will have to make an appearance by the end of the season. Or at the very least, Walt will have to, because Michael's story is about finished up...

  9. Yeah he's pretty much done, but my feeling is is that he'll show up at least once more. I hated his character anyway, but when Walt got kidnapped at the end of the first season that blew me away.

  10. I was off and on about Michael. Sometimes liked him, but mostly disliked him. I remember being so shocked, and actually physically shaking after Walt was kidnapped. Great television moment.

  11. I just want to know if Kate will end up with Jack or Sawyer. I don't always have time to watch it, so I occasionally miss episodes. This does NOT work for Lost. I have no idea what is going on. I just want to see how the romance will end...

  12. I bet she doesn't end up with either of them! Seems like her relationships with both have run their courses.