Sunday, April 25, 2010

Summertime in the Theatre

Okay, so it's not quite summer yet, but it sure feels like it. On Friday night, I met up with some friends to go see Kick-Ass. It was fairly quiet in the theatre, which was surprising, since I thought it'd be packed.

This semester, I haven't gone to see many movies. I've missed it. It was strange entering Silvercity Polo Park for the first time in at least three months. For one, I noticed that they'd raised the prices since I'd last been there. Secondly, they got rid of New York Fries, and replaced it with Pizza Pizza, and some other chain I'd never heard of. I wasn't impressed. I generally got a poutine and a drink, especially when I went to movies around dinner time. My joke was that without my weekly business, New York Fries went under. I'll need to make a note to see more movies.

Kick-Ass was an alright movie. It was quite hilarious at times, and often very shocking and disturbing. Chloe Moretz, who played Hit-Girl, really stole the show. Hard to believe she's only 13 years old with that kind of talent. She looks very young, however. I wouldn't have put her older than 10 or 11 in the movie.

I feel very out of the loop when it comes to the movies being released. I don't really know what's coming out this summer. I've been so busy that I haven't really had the time to keep on top of it. But now that school is over, I'll be able to really follow that, and hopefully I'll get out to see more movies!


  1. Don't worry, you'll be very much back in the loop after this summer, Julie!

  2. Chloe Moretz is 13 now, but was 12 at the time of filming I think. I find it hilarious that she's not even allowed to watch the very movie she starred in.

    I wasn't too impressed by Kick-Ass myself, although I agree that Moretz stole the entire movie (my full review of Kick-Ass is up at Playtime Magazine).

    School's already over for you? Wow! :jealous: Still another 2 months for me...

  3. I just read your review and I really enjoyed it! I do agree with you when you say you don't think it'll stand up to repeat viewings. For me, it seemed like a movie that was worth seeing once, and that's it. I can't see myself being in any hurry to buy it on DVD.

    And yes, College and University get out in April here. However, the thought of so much leisure time makes me uncomfortable! Luckily I have about a hundred movies to watch this summer, so at least that'll keep me busy...

  4. Yeah I wouldn't mind catching it on TV, but I won't get out of my way to catch it otherwise.

    Best movie of 2010 so far is still How To Train Your Dragon. Have you seen it? It's so good.

    At least you have a project to keep you busy. I'll be following, yo!

  5. I have not seen How to Train Your Dragon yet! I'd really like to though; perhaps after I get back from Chicago I'll be able to. I'm glad you'll be following my project - it means a lot to me! :)