Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I haven't had time to watch any films since Dead Snow, so I thought I would go off topic and speak about Halloween.

I quite enjoy Halloween, particularly the candy part. I have a serious sweet tooth, and as soon as my Mom buys the candy, I dig right into it. So much so, that my parents tease me about it. An example: the other day I decided to try a yellow tootsie roll pop, thinking that it would be lemon flavoured. It wasn't. It was the dreaded banana flavour, so I cringed, and offered it to my parents. They both refused, and my Dad, in a mock serious tone, said something like "You are going to eat that Jennifer". I laughed. Then I ate it...very quickly, because I just can't waste candy, even the really bad stuff. However, the yellow tootsie roll pops are at the very top of the bowl of candy, so we're going to give them away.

From the age of 14 until I was 18, Halloween lost some of its appeal because I was too old to go out trick or treating and too young to go to any of the "adult" social functions. When I was 17, and in my first year of University, I put on a Scream mask and gave candy to kids, and really enjoyed that. But last year was the first year I got to really dress up and go out to a party. I went way overboard and bought a rather expensive costume at "Party Stuff", but it was a good night. This year I went the cheaper route and put together my own costume, which I wore at school. I'm probably going to wear the same costume I wore last year for the event I'll be going to tonight. My Dad suggested I wear a suit because of the costume Kirk is wearing but I'm not so sure about that. Don't know if I could pull off wearing my brother or my Dad's suit.

Surprisingly enough, I don't watch a lot of the Halloween specials. I was never into Charlie Brown as a kid, so I've only seen pieces of that. I'm not going to have time to watch a scary movie tonight, I'm thinking, so my horror movie watching last week will have to do in that department. I don't actually own a lot of horror movies, because I get so scared. I have Shaun of the Dead, which is closer to a comedy, 28 Days Later, which is a brilliant film, and The Ring 2, which was a gift, and not a movie I cared for too much. I may have to put in 28 Days Later sometime soon. Maybe even with the lights off to set the atmosphere. I do also have The Nightmare Before Christmas on VHS, my Dad was awesome enough to track down buy for me a year ago because I'd never seen it and Disney had it in the awful "Disney vault" at the time. It's since been released again and I'm thinking about buying it on DVD because I love it so much, and VHS is a near dead technology.

I hope you all have great Halloween plans and have a Happy Halloween!


  1. 28 Days Later is a great film - it scared the crap out of me! The second one is good too. Are we going to get a 28 months later and a 28 years later?

  2. Oh me too, I'm always really jumpy after watching it. I actually screamed in the theatre during the second one. Apparently there's a good chance of 28 Months Later, Danny Boyle wants to do it and IMDB says it will come out in 201l.

  3. something must be wrong with me, I didn't find 28 days later scary at all, hmm.. must be why I'm not a a fan of the Zombie flicks.

  4. I noticed that when I saw it in the theatre, no one was scared but me.

    I was practically crying, and a little old lady nearby had no problem with it.

    I'm a wuss!

  5. Ooh, I don't think I could have watched 28 Days Later in the theatre without freaking out. I can't watch I Am Legend ever again because I almost cried during that one, because I was so scared.

  6. I liked that movie, but the ending didn't make sense to me: he should've crawled up the chimney as well (or whatever that thing was).

    I can usually take zombie movies. Devil possession movies, however...another story!

  7. Apparently that ending was a last minute tacked on ending. The original ending had him realize that all they wanted was their "pack member" back--the one he had cured, so if I remember correctly, he appologized and gave her back and they left without hurting anyone. So he essentially survived, but realized that the way he conducted himself was really wrong, and that they still had humanity. I liked that ending so much better than the one they had, where he sacrificed himself.