Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bad News From Disney Studios (and a Blurb About the New "Survivor" Season)

I was originally going to write a post dedicated to the new season of Survivor, but just a minute ago I read this news story, and it is much too big not to write about. I'll have a blurb about Survivor at the bottom, for those who are interested.

The film-unit chairman of Walt Disney Studios, Dick Cook, has resigned. Personally, I think it may be something resembling a dismissal as the article states that Cook's unit lost $12 million dollars last quarter, which is quite a bit of money. It is also possible that his position was no longer needed after Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment Inc. In the same vein, I'm still very unhappy about Disney acquiring Marvel, I'm worried that it will lead to a "wimping down" of the Marvel franchises--less violence, less potentially "adult" subject matter, etc.

Normally news of a chairman's resignation wouldn't even hit on my radar, but I found out via this story. This is bad news, for Disney, and for the fans. Johnny Depp is hot stuff, and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise is even hotter. If Depp is unhappy, there is the possibility that Pirates 4 may not happen. The Hitfix article even stated that there is not a script! Why announce the project if it is not 100% guaranteed, script ready? Depp said in the article that his participation in the project is dependant on whether or not there is a good script. I just wonder what Disney will do if the script ends up being junk and Depp refuses to commit to the project. Recast Captain Jack? That would be blasphemy, and there'd be a fan revolt. Many of the fans would not see the film if Depp is not involved, as well. There is a real possibility of Disney losing one of their big cash cows.

What do I think? I think Disney needs to focus on writing an amazing script, and making some calls to Depp to show him that they support his vision for Captain Jack and that they want him in the movie, which is what the Hitfix article also said. I'm not happy about the situation, I think Disney dropped the ball big time in announcing Pirates 4 before all the t's were crossed. If Pirates 4 doesn't happen, it's not just the revenue from that film they'll be losing. Fans will be very disillusioned and angry at Disney, perhaps to the point of refusing to watch a Disney film or get invested in a Disney franchise. I would not go that far, personally, I'll be disappointed of course, but I wouldn't be calling for a Disney boycott. In any case, this is not a good situation to be in right now.

Changing topics to Survivor! I really love Survivor, I've watched part of the first two seasons, but from season 3 on, I was a devoted fan. My Mom and I would get together every Thursday night to watch it and comment on it. For three years, while I was employed I worked every Thursday so that tradition couldn't happen (I taped it and watched it on Friday or Saturday), but now that I'm unemployed, it's back and I couldn't be happier! My Mom and I both agree that Russell H is slime, and definitely going to be this season's villain. That being said, he sure is going to be fun to watch.

(episode 1 spoilers to follow)

Russell H has made alliances with pretty much all the female members of the tribe, and is already calling the shots. He also stated that he has no interest in winning the money, and that he's there to cause trouble and show everyone how easy it is to manipulate the game. He also poured out all the water canteens and burned Jaison's socks. I was disappointed to see Marisa go, I was hoping Ashley would get the boot, but it just shows how much power Russell H has. He orchestrated Marisa's removal by telling everyone that she was suspicious of him and didn't trust him. Don't be getting on Russell H's bad side, folks.

(spoilers have ended)

I think it'll be an interesting season. I'm wondering whether Exile Island will be returning, or whether that, and the hidden immunity idol, have been retired. We will probably find out for sure next episode, and you know I'll be tuning in at 7pm on CBS/Global, on Thursday!


  1. Disney's also getting sued by former Marvel artist/writer Jack Kirby, who's claiming copyright of the Marvel characters that he invented. He invented a lot of them!

    The equivalent of your Survivor is my Dad and I watching "Curb Your Enthusiasm," which starts tonight. Two sarcastic bald guys watching a sarcastic bald guy - the circle of life is complete!

    I watched the first episode of the new season of Survivor and enjoyed it. Jeff Probst looks more like Joan Rivers every day, but the show (like Probst) still has some life in it.

    I wish they'd take Survivor to the Canadian arctic one of these seasons: 30 days and one night of scheming!

  2. Oh my, I hadn't read that Disney is getting sued---that could be trouble for them. I can see it just ending with an out of court settlement though.

    I've never actually seen "Curb Your Enthusiasm", but I did see Larry David on Conan once and he was hilarious.

    Every season I hope that the next one will be in the Canadian arctic and every season I end up disappointed. It's probably because the cold is more dangerous, because of frostbite and everything, and you won't get to see the good looking young people wearing little bathing suits, so there might be a ratings hit. But it would change things up a lot, and I think it could be very interesting.