Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Introductory Post (Welcome to My Little Home on the Internet!)

Hi! And welcome to my blog! My name is Jennifer Hanson, and I am a student at Red River in the Creative Communications (CreComm) program. This blog was an assignment for the program, but instead of seeing it as an assignment, I'm seeing this as a great opportunity to present myself, my ideas, and my passions to the online world. My goal is to establish a readership, and interact with other film and television fans online. That being said, don't be surprised to see posts relating more to school, or subjects other than film and television (I like to branch out!).

I love film and television. I've been a member of various forums dedicated to the subjects since 2003, since I was thirteen years old. Since then, my love has only grown and in my spare time, I dedicate myself to further educating myself on film and television. In this blog, I will most likely be talking about upcoming films, by posting trailers, commentary and links to stories of interest. I will also talk about the television I watch (and possibly the television I will never, ever watch), and again, post stories of interest. There will also be commentary on films I've seen, and trends in film. Essentially, whatever I find interesting, and feel that my readers will enjoy reading about! My entries will vary in length, from on the run links to stories or trailers, to much longer entries. I'll try to offer a good variety.

I'd like to encourage everyone to comment on anything they find interesting, whether they agree or disagree. However, I would like to ask all commenters to please refrain from making derogatory remarks, personal attacks, and using curse words. This is a school blog, therefore a certain level of professionalism is requested. Any comments with the above will simply be deleted. Please feel free to post film recommendations...I promise I will make a pointed effort to watch any recommendations and post my feelings about them. That being said, school will be keeping me busy and this is not a firm guarantee that I will watch every film that is recommended to me.

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