Monday, September 28, 2009


Trauma is a new show that premiered on NBC tonight. I tuned in with my parents, as we were all ER fans and are looking for something to "fill the void". Theoretically, I could be watching the early seasons of ER, but I've never been good at watching tv on DVD. I didn't start watching ER regularly until about season 13 so I've been watching the early seasons on DVD. I'm almost done season four right now...been "almost done" it for about six months. I tend to go in spurts, I'll watch several episodes in a two week period, then not pick it up for a year or so. But I love the early seasons very much.

Back to Trauma. It wasn't a bad show, but I could tell that the characters were heavily modelled off of ER characters. They shared some of the same characteristics anyway. Cliff Curtis, the New Zealand actor who played "Porourangi" in Whale Rider, plays one of the main characters, Rabbit. I thought he was a real find, easily the stand out among the cast. His character is the most interesting of the bunch so far. I suppose it's easy to say that the characters are based strongly off of ER characters because ER is such an iconic show, and many of the characters presented on that show have become sort of "stock characters" anyway (the fresh, young doctor, the rebellious but oh-so-lovable doctor, the responsible doctor with the troubled family, the doctor with the rough past, etc).

Will I be watching again? Most likely. I'll be giving this show a shot, considering a lot of my shows got cancelled last year (Pushing Daisies, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles), or ended (ER). The premiere wasn't fantastic, but I've seen a lot worse. I'll watch a few more episodes, see if it gets itself into a good groove, then decide whether I'll start following it or not. NBC is banking hard on this show becoming the next ER, so we'll see how it does.

I'm also thinking about getting into Flashforward on ABC. The only thing stopping me is that I've heard it is like Lost, in that if you miss an episode, you can't really catch up. That, and I'm always reluctant to get into new tv, since shows seem to be cancelled left and right nowadays. I just don't think I could take the heartbreak of another Pushing Daisies, a show I loved with all my heart that ABC gave up on. There was very little conclusion with that show. However, I just read some awesome news via Wikipedia. Turns out the show will be back for a "third season" in comic book format! Here's hoping that offers a bit more closure than the tacked on "series finale" ever did.

Has anyone watched Flashforward? If so, is it worth watching?


  1. You know its not like you know someone who downloads tv shows and most likely has flashforward ep 1 or anything.

  2. Kirk... that's an interesting name... I think I met a guy named Kirk once, but I can't remember where.

    I was going to watch Trauma tonight, but I started watching Paranormal State instead. I don't usually wathc TV, and I think it's for a similar reason to what you wrote in your blog. Everything good is cancelled. Also, some shows change writer's. I used to LOVE Gilmore Girls (don't laugh), and one of the best parts was the script. Many people hated how fast the characters talked, but I loved it, and thought it was clever writing. Then, during the last season, the writer's changed and the show became dead to me. The series finale was NOTHING like what I wanted to see, and that was really frustrating. I think it turned me off of watching new shows.

    With that being said, I can't WAIT for LOST to come out on DVD. I am the opposite of you, Jen, and I love watching shows on DVD. I usually watch an episode while i'm on my treadmill, and it gives me something to look forward to. Except when I decide to watch a SECOND episode, and realize an hour and a half later that i'm still walking on the treadmill! (That only happened once, and my legs really hurt the next day).

    If you think this show is worth it, I might give it a chance. Let me know!

  3. Ive heard Gilmore Girls was quite good before the last season. I think Heroes had the same problem, it had a fantastic first season and since then has been steadily declining in quality. It's because the writers are changing so much. I'll watch the second episode and let you know what I think, but I think it'd be worth a shot, Amanda.

    And Kirk: I think you probably mentioned that you had Flashforward and I just forgot. Can you get me a copy or that or send it to me pretty please? :)

  4. I could be able to do that, I can give it to you friday with ep 2 as well. you will just have to remind me at some point to burn it.
    I could never get into Gilmore girls though granted when it started i really wasnt watching that much tv if you can believe it other then saturday morning cartoons(which really lack nowadays).
    The problem with heroes is how many times can they save the earth and save the cheerleader.
    Jen you should watch Merlin its a bbc show thats based around a youthful merlin and arthur while his father is the boss of the land. Magic is banned and considered the prime evil of the kingdom. Its a verywell done show though the acting at times isnt the greatest but i think its part of the charm of the show

  5. I'll remind you about it tomorrow, assuming I remember. By the way, can you text me tomorrow as soon as you can with what's going on tomorrow, Kirk?

    I'm with you on the problem with Heroes, it's gotten very repetitive. How long is Merlin, the first season or whatever it is anyway? I may check that out.

  6. there in season 2 ep 2 and i have season 1 already we can watch the first season together if you want i dont mind rewatching that one. Though With merlin you dont really have to be watching the past eps to get whats going on it plays by the bad guy of the week rules though does have a larger story arc for the season. The graphics though are on the out dated side look very much like the computer animation from Ghostbusters movie or beetle juice.

  7. I think "Flashforward" is worth watching. It was interesting enough in the first episode and managed to give some hints that it is going to get better.

    As for Trauma, like I mentioned, I don't know if I'm willing to take on a new medical drama, and there's already enough on Mondays for me (although I could always record it). Speaking of recording, you definitely need a DVR. it's the best invention ever!

  8. Kirk: We can watch it together sometime. :) Or I can just jump into it, whatever you think is easiest. You know how bad I am at watching tv that's not actually on tv. :P

    Steve: I'm thinking I'll give Flashforward a shot. LOST is ending next year and I'll need a new show to get me really excited and this one could be it. And I think we have a DVR or PVR (are they the same thing), but it's my Mom's and she records a lot of tv, so there's not really many times I can use it. And I haven't even learned how to use it yet. I'd like to get another whatever it is for one of the other tvs so I can take it over.