Friday, September 11, 2009

On the Run Post: Excellent Movie News

I'm going to make a quick drive by post. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 has been announced.

This is exciting news. While the second and third films were not nearly as good as the first, they were still fun, and Johnny Depp's character was easily the best in the films. Without his performance, the first Pirates of the Caribbean would have been a forgettable summer blockbuster. I'm also hoping for a return of Geoffrey Rush who played Barbossa in the films.

Johnny Depp is also my favourite actor, so any news about new film roles tends to make me happy. According to the same article, he will also be playing "Tonto" in The Lone Ranger.


  1. That third film really brought me down. Let's hope the fourth corrects that problem!

  2. Oh yeah, it did have a bit of a downer of an ending. Did you watch the scene after the credits? It was a bit happier.