Sunday, March 14, 2010

Going Through my Closet

I got inspiration from Kenton's blog entry. I tend to keep things around much longer than I should, so my closet is always less-than-organized chaos. My whole room is, really, because school keeps me from organizing things properly. It doesn't help that I'm naturally a very sentimental person. For example: I have a photo album where I've kept every movie stub I've gotten from the past 5 years. In this album I also have photos, and other little mementos. I didn't take a photo of the album, because there really isn't anything visually appealing about hundreds of movie stubs.

But the really interesting stuff is in my closet. Here's a peek into a normally closed off part of my life:

Chocolate! I went to a Halloween social last year, and won a chocolate fountain, and a ridiculous amount of chocolate. These are baking wafers I believe, presumably for use with the fountain, but since I've never used the fountain...I haven't really eaten many of the wafers. I'd actually forgotten I had all this, so my jaw dropped when I saw all of it. I had a few pieces and it still tastes good to me, so I should get on eating it. Does anyone want to help me?

One of my many boxes of stuff. In this photo there are:

A yellow t-shirt I received from the Women in Media camp I went to back in 2004 (I think it was 2004...). It was held at the Red River College Princess Street Campus, and the councillors were CreComm students! We filmed a documentary as part of the camp, and it was a great time.

The white t-shirt has a design I screen printed on it back in the 8th grade.

The yellow and orange box contains an assortment of cool rocks and little fossilized sea animals. I was really into dinosaurs as a kid.

A Canadian flag

Various teenie beanie babies

A ceramic shoe (huh?)

A pipe cleaner and bead crab I made as a kid with the help of my aunt.

My childhood blanket. Well, one of them. My original blanket (which looked just like this one) was lost in St. Vital Centre when I was 4 or 5. I think my brother threw it in the garbage and I didn't realize it until I got home. We went back to the mall, but we couldn't find it, so my parents got out the "other half" of the blanket, gave it to me, and the crisis was averted. It just sits on a shelf in my closet, but I can't bring myself to get rid of it. I guess because it was such a huge part of my childhood. I doubt I'll ever find a use for it, as it is too ratty to give to anyone or do anything with, but it can sit in my closet for awhile longer.

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