Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Movie Free Semester

I've been feeling guilty lately, because I haven't had time to watch a whole lot of movies lately. This semester has been so busy that I simply haven't had the time. And on the rare occasions that I do have the time, I often find myself wanting to watch something light that I've seen before...so I can do homework while I watch!

This week there are the IPP Presentations at The Park Theatre, which means us first years get a bit of a break. I am hoping to get out and rent The Hurt Locker (this year's Best Picture winner at the Oscars) and Moon this weekend. I would also really like to see Alice in Wonderland, but am still looking for someone to go with. Who would like to see a movie this week, or next? It has been at least a month since I last went to the theatre, and I am not used to going this long without going! I think in many ways, I was spoiled last semester, because I was able to get out to the theatre more often, and got used to going at least once a week.

I'll admit to feeling slightly "lost" during the Oscars this year, because I had not seen all of the nominees. Last year, I believe there was one I hadn't seen, and that was because I was not interested in seeing it. This year, there were so many I had wanted to see, but missed because I simply did not have the time to see them. The fact that there were so many changes to the ceremony also bothered me a little. They didn't perform the best song nominees! I always love seeing them performed, and last year was bad enough when they were all performed together. I wasn't impressed with Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin as hosts either. It would have worked better with one host - instead it just felt awkward to me. There were a few funny bits, but much of it fell flat to me. I had a great time watching the Oscars though; I was tweeting live during it, and had a blast reading and responding to everyone else's tweets. Thanks for the fun, everybody!

Perhaps this "break" will end up being a good thing. Soon I'll be watching about a movie a day, which I am really looking forward to doing. It's almost like going from one extreme to another! But on that topic...I am looking for recommendations for this project. Comment with a few movies you would like me to see. Foreign films and older films are specifically requested!


  1. You have to see Ordinary People - best picture (I think) in 1980. Love Story; Julie & Julia; The Constant Gardener; and Something the Lord Made.

  2. Thanks Tammy! I saw The Constant Gardener a few years back, and unfortunately, I thought it was really dull. For whatever reason, it couldn't hold my attention.

    The rest I haven't seen! Though I would like to check out Julie & Julia before I start the project!